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College of Engineering


ECE Paris School of Engineering - Nominations are opened for next Spring semester 2018!



Students must be nominated by email at before the deadline.                                                                                                                      

Spring 2018

Nomination Deadline

November 1st

Application Deadline

November 15th

Step 1
: Nomination by Home University till November 1st (ECE will contact your students after that, with the application process)

Step 2: Application form to be sent to (with all the required docs) – till November 15th. Prerequisites for each Major are mentioned in the syllabus (please ask )

Step 3: Notification of admission, by November (if the student has all the requirements to enroll in the selected Major) – to be sent during November, with admission letters + information about visa and housing

Step 4: Registration of the students (December)

Step 5: Orientation day (usually the first day of the semester)

Please include in the nomination email the following student information:  

First Name

Last Name



Nomination period (Spring/Fall)

Selected specialization

Current year of study

Current specialization / department degree at home University

Then, our International office will contact the student by email giving them all information about the ECE Paris application procedure:

Step 1: Student will receive by email:

        Our Fact sheet         

        Our offer for next semester

        Our  application form

        The learning Agreement

Master level programs:

        3 programs at the Master level in English and in French: 

o   Information Systems

o   Embedded Systems                                                                                                                    

o   Energy and Environment

       3 programs at the Master level in French only: 

o   Connected objects, Networks and Services

o   Quantitative Finance (should be also available in English  next fall semester 2017)

o   Health and Technology

See the details of each programs delivered in English next Spring semester (semester 8 at ECE Paris) in the “General view ects master programs “ attached.  

S8 (semester 8) is Spring semester.

Dates: January 8th to April, 13th 2018

This period is composed with courses, the group project PPE (see the list of projects’ subject available this year in the Project list PPE17-18), exams and internship researches.

Then students who have found an internship, will do their work placement during 3 months starting from May.

Concerning internships period in companies (between May and August), students will be guided and supported by a dedicated service but they have to be prepared to search and find their internship on their own. Please note that is much easier to find a place as an intern in a company if the student is proficient in French.

At ECE Paris, student must select one program and enroll in its modules. It is not possible to mix modules from different programs nor from different semesters.

Δ At ECE Paris, student must select one program and enroll in its modules. It is not possible to mix modules from different programs nor from different semesters or years.

Step 2: Student will have to send us the filled out application form + learning agreement + requested documents (scanned by email).

Application documents:

              ü  Completed application form

              ü  Official final transcript of grades

ü  Current degree program syllabus (course description) translated into English

ü  Recent resume / CV

ü  A statement of interest (motivation letter)

ü  Copy of passport OR European Union ID card (for EU students)

Providing applicants have the sufficient level in the teaching language (English or in French)* and the necessary prerequisites to cope with the curriculum conducted in English or in French, they can apply in any of the following program listed above.

Note: No GPA required. Applicants just have to make sure they have the necessary prerequisites for the study program they apply for.

Language Requirement:

FRENCH: B2 (DELF or Language Center certificate).

ENGLISH: B2 (TOEFL IBT=83 or TOEIC=780 or IELTS=6,5 or University Language Center certificate)

Note: If students do not have an official English score, ECE Paris accepts English proficiency reports delivered by their University Language Center / Department.

Step 3: After we have received and processed the application, we will send the formal Letter of Acceptance (usually not before deadline) + the Welcome Guide.  A buddy will be assigned.

We look forward to welcoming your students on our campus!





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