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College of Engineering, National Sun Yat-sen University

College of Engineering to cultivate cloud security talents with eCloudvalley

National Sun Yat-sen University and cloud-based digital transformation service provider, eCloudvalley Digital Technology Co., Ltd., have joined hands in industry-academia cooperation. Dean of NSYSU College of Engineering Professor Chun-I Fan and Chairman of eCloudvalley Chi-Hsiung Lin signed a cooperation plan, aiming to integrate the University's abundant higher education resources with the company's rich experience in cloud computing and provide the students and faculty with more in-depth learning and opportunities in cloud technology.

In this industry-academia cooperation, NSYSU and eCloudvalley invest heavily in training higher education talents, including sharing educational resources, offering specialist courses, granting rewards or subsidies, planning internships, and organizing industry and company visits, in order to deepen students’ knowledge on cloud security and cultivate talents in information security systems, cloud computing, and enterprise security planning. These measures of talent cultivation are expected to drive industry transformation and progress.

The digital transformation of Taiwan's industry is becoming more and more dynamic, and so the central government has put forward the "Information Security is National Security" strategy, which highlights the importance of cloud service and security. The integration of the two fields will also be a key issue in the cooperation between NSYSU and eCloudvalley. The injection of industry resources will expand the education scale for Taiwan's cloud talent cultivation and help the academia and the industry move forward together.

According to the College of Engineering, in 2021, the Financial Supervisory Commission officially announced that listed companies are required to appoint chief information security officers and set up specialized information security units. This year, leading companies in various industries are obliged to prepare to appoint chief information security officers as early as possible. In 2019, NSYSU Department of Computer Science and Engineering established the first Master's Program in Information Security in Taiwan, and the following year, it established the Doctoral Program in Information Security, also the first of this kind in Taiwan, to cultivate top talents in information security. Diversified faculty recruitment across universities, colleges, and departments, and curriculum design combining theory with practice will help meet the demand for cultivating information security talents in Taiwan, accelerate the development of the information security field, and provide information security experts needed by the industry, government, and academia. eCloudvalley not only has rich experience in serving the industry but also in cloud applications, such as information security, cloud migration, DevOps, Big Data, or AIML. It established a training subbrand – eCloudture to assist the development of cloud education training at training institutions, corporations, and higher education institutions. In addition to bridging the gap between theory and practice, the company also continues following the latest related issues for the students to keep pace with the latest industry trends, and further help the new generation become the backbone for the cross-industry development and the digital transformation of the society.

Dean Chun-I Fan said that information security is one of the key development areas of the College. In recent years, the College has been actively cultivating high-level information security talents by connecting with enterprises and encouraging faculty members to jointly develop information security training courses according to the needs of the industry. Information security is crucial when moving the company to the cloud. In the future, when cooperating with eCloudvalley, both parties contribute to resource-sharing to jointly promote the development of cloud technologies and the cultivation of information security talents in the hope of expanding the pool of professionals in cloud security.

Chairman of eCloudvalley Chi-Hsiung Lin said that eCloudvalley is a pioneer of cloud transformation in Taiwan and has collaborated with over a thousand clients in Taiwan and abroad, thus the company knows that the top priority for enterprises is digital transformation based on information security. The company has to first undergo a security checkup and vulnerability identification before moving to the cloud, then design the structure for deploying cloud resources, and the subsequent security and maintenance. eCloudvalley has deepened information security for every stage of digital transformation for its clients, further letting them develop core applications, AI, and big data without worrying about security threats. To fulfill this vision, it is crucial to commit to talent cultivation in related fields in higher education.
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